Dugsworth Phylinelpe (15 January 1525-31 November 1624) was a Russian explorer who most famously explorered Alaska. He lives in Europe, not in Asia side at all. In February 1554, the most important event, he gets extra stuff, and knows the problem of Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) to go to Alaska and discover it and build shelters until 1581, and led 10000 settlers (men at least 25 in 1553)  on the ship with 13 large ships. In sea, it takes 70 days to go to Alaska. They began the trip in 23 November 1553, and then arrived in 2 February 1554.


Dugsworth was born in Moscow, with his father Pyotr Ilynch Gregori Phylinelpe (1492-1526) and die of illness, and his mother, Duvana de Kavolsky (1507-1607) as Greek. In 1530,he began going to (English Translation:Russia Kasviecken Catholic School) (really named: Россия Kasviecken католической школы) in Moscow. Phycsiler de Kavoldserku was the family doctor (1484-1626) had alived 142 years. He went to college in 1638, and get a scolarship in 1634 and first explore the world until 1553, to Alaska. In 1581, he went to fortune with Alaska towns and name it, and in 1587, he visited Dev, Edward, and Vicky II (1544-1639) and in 1591, he sailed to England to meet settlers to travel to the Massachusetts Bay in 1592. Young Thomas Hobbes visited there too, until 1600, they went back home to England to ship back 10000 settlers and went back to Russia. In 1602, he married his wife named Havana de Grehorie (1582-1721) and have 5 children:

Duke Dimrity Getswalth (1603-1678)

Duke Gettie ken Getswalth (1605-1658)

Duke Vetharen de Sanaole (1607-1649)

Duke Condole von Galskert (1609-1665)

Duke Carlen von Gherlaislrnlert (1611-1677)

and throughout the life, in 1625, he died because of an illness called a dug throphosis and sypillis with smallpox in bed in 1624 and die in bed on November 31, 1624, aged 99.

Other family members, except father, mother, and children and wife

Father's side

Dukerlande de Kaerlanko (great-grand father|father's father's father|1424-1476)

Visducke gel Vondano (grandfather|1452-1485)

Jette de la Bruger (grandmother|1456-1502)

Vitricher de Groucher (uncle|1489-1507)

Victor Grojerler (uncle|1498-1577)

Duke Vasily (nephew|1564-1681)

Mother's side

There is no grandfather of Dugsworth in mother's side. His grandmother in mother's side never married.

Visquition de Sakano (grandmother|1486-1582)

Grapomelon de Grouckworthshy (sister|1531-1607)

Far ancestor, Henry Wallis (father's 30 father's words father)

Henry Wallis (died c.142???) was a great ancestor of Dugsworth.


He was marked as born 101, but I don't know the exact birthdate. He died in the 140s because of unknown cause of death. Nothing was known for life.